Our Breeds

Purnea Semen Station is maintaining High Genetic Merit (HGM) Bulls of following Breeds of Cattle & Buffalo.

  • Holstein-Friesian (HF)
  • Jersey (JY)
  • Crossbred of Holstein-Friesian (HFCB)
  • Crossbred of Jersey (JYCB)
  • Sahiwal (SH)
  • Gir (GR)
  • Murrah (MR)
  • Tharparkar (TH)
  • Hariana (HR)
  • Red Sindhi (RS)

At present PSS has total 147 bulls out of which 124 bulls are sourced from PT Projects, 8 German Imported HF, 4 BPTIE Jersey, 5 Gir, 4 Tharparkar and 2 Hariana bulls are sourced equivalent to PS Projects. All bulls are vaccinated regularly against FMD, HS, BQ and Theileriosis in exotic and their crossbreds. They are periodically tested and are free from infectious diseases, such as Brucellosis, IBR, BVD, TB, Johne’s disease, Trichomoniasis and Campylobacteriosis.

Bull sheds are modernized with orientation of East -West direction through its long axis and having spacious individual pens for each bull. Ceiling of the shed is fitted with insulation material to keep the temperature lower than the surroundings. To combat the heat stress, collection arena and bull sheds (especially for exotic breeds) are equipped with cooling system consisting of storm fans adjoining with mist foggers. Bulls are kept free in individual pens with adequate loafing area with access of clean drinking water available all time in automatic water dispensing bowl. Bull alley are also constructed to prevent injury to bull handlers.

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